Acopian Field Guide To Butterflies of Armenia


Butterflies are a significant and essential component of global biomes. They comprise about 1% of all described species on the planet and provide essential ecosystem services such as pollination and serve as prey for animal predators. In addition, they provide aesthetic value and are a valuable component of ecotourism. Currently there is no special publication or field atlas regarding the butterflies of Armenia. After having successfully published A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia, the Acopian Center at AUA has started a project to produce a similar guide for Armenia’s butterflies.

Acopian Field Guide to Butterflies of Armenia will have field identification data for every one of the 220 species recorded in Armenia up to date. The guide will also describe 15 new species and many host plants. Much of this information will be published for the first time. The guide will be the result of our long-term investigation of Armenian butterflies and, at the same time, constitutes a first step for the preparation of the Handbook of the Butterflies of Armenia. Both books will be very valuable sources for scientists, tourists and students as well as for environmental education and public awareness.