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Post-Workshop Projects

Participants in the Workshops can partake in developing initiatives and projects that will extend beyond the Workshops. The ideas for the Post-Workshop Activities would be proposed by the workshop participants themselves following the conclusion of the workshops.

These activities could be developed individually or through teams. If any of the participants has an idea or a concept but lacks the team to develop it, the Academy would help in the formation of that team.

Some activity ideas include:

  • Public officials would identify and develop local or regional initiatives that can accelerate adoption of sustainable and distributed energy solutions. These initiatives could then be developed into a proposal that could be presented during the wrap-up event.
  • Vendors would keep track of their sales on energy efficiency and renewable solutions/products.
  • University students would organize round-table discussions, debates or workshops at their universities on issues relevant to sustainable energy.
  • Schoolteachers would develop and design extracurricular activities or experiments related to sustainable energy for their students.

A team of academics would provide guidance and technical know-how during the activities. The participating teams would send periodic progress reports and receive feedback until the wrap-up conference, when the completed Post-Workshop Activities would be presented by the teams.


Wrap-Up Conference

The Wrap-Up Conference is the culminating event of the Sustainable Energy Academy 2017. It will take place AUA in November 2017. The completed Post-Workshop Activities will be presented to guests who will be invited to this Conference. Invited guests will include representatives from:

  • Ministries
  • Local governance
  • Universities
  • Financial institutions

Select initiatives will be presented through a brief talk and discussion, focusing on learning from the Sustainable Energy Academy 2017 experience.

Pitching to investors, financiers, and funders.

Winning projects will be awarded.