Youth and Civil Society Action – Project Proposal Development

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Following the Youth and Civil Society Workshop which took place in the Getik Valley, the workshop participants are invited to develop project proposals in the field of sustainable energy which would be implemented in their communities.

 The project proposals must be ready by October 14 to be evaluated by the Grant Committee. The project proposals will be assessed through several criteria.
You may find full details, deadlines and the evaluation criteria on the following document:

Use the template below to develop your project proposals. Please make sure that you have filled all of the necessary information.

Sustainable Energy Academy 2018 Project Proposal Development Template

Project Proposal Development Information for the Participants and Mentors


Each applicant would submit one project proposal within this project. The applicant should have attended at least one day of the Sustainable Energy Academy 2018 Youth and Civil Society Workshops in the Getik Valley.

Each participant (whether the participant is the applicant or not) should be part of only one project team. The same person cannot take part in more than one project.

The project proposal should address an issue within the field of sustainable energy.


  • The proposal should be submit by October 14, 2018.
  • The project proposals will be evaluated within a week of the submission deadline, afterwards the winning projects will be announced (By October 21, 2018).
  • The winning project would be implemented and completed within four weeks of winning the small grant. (Deadline: November 18, 2018)

Selection Process:

A Grant Committee will read and assess each application. Each Committee member will give a score on each of the eight (8) evaluation criteria. The scores from each member in the Committee will be averaged to determine the winning projects. The proposal should receive an average of more than 50% of the maximum score to be considered to receive funding.


Adequate feedback would be given to the applicants, through comments.


The small grant will be with the maximum amount of 283815 AMD (equivalent 500 euros). Effective and winning projects may require less than the maximum amount.


Please send your project proposals in electronic format to the following two email addresses: