Better Energy Management Saves AUA 34% in Summer Power Consumption

Yerevan, November 11, 2016 -Energy saving measures at AUA in July 2016 resulted in a remarkable 34% decrease in electrical energy consumption compared with same period last year.

The savings were equal to 50,102 kWh or $4,500. This was equivalent to reductions in 12.5 tons of carbon emissions. “This shows the importance of good energy management. While efficient technologies in buildings are important, equally important is how buildings are used and managed,” says Mr. Ashot Ghazraryan, AUA VP of Operations.

For the month of July, air-conditioning of classrooms in the western wing of the Paramaz Avedisian Building (PAB) were shut down. Classroom use was redistributed to the eastern wing of PAB and AUA’s Main Building. Also, the the cooling levels in the corridors and some of the common areas were decreased without impact on comfort levels.

PAB electricity consumption

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