ENV 202 – ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS Undergraduate Course

Starting from this semester AUA is offering a new course called Environmental Projects for undergraduate students.

This upper division course is designed for undergraduate students to gain a deeper understanding and competence in environmental project design, implementation, and evaluation.

The projects can be in technology, science, conservation, management, restoration, promotion or marketing, education, and other related topics.

The course emphasis is on data collection and analysis for assessing the success and impact of project ideas. The students will design and complete a project for the course. The types of environmental projects will vary depending on student and faculty agreement.

The projects may be related to the following topics: Clean technologies; IT, satellite, remote sensing solutions in environmental protection; alternative transport, clean transport; renewable-energy generation or energy efficiency; sustainable water use, solid waste management, sustainable agriculture and food production; mining pollution prevention and management; forest protection, management, and restoration; watershed protection, management, and restoration; air-quality protection, management, and restoration; and flora or fauna monitoring, conservation, and restoration.

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