GIS and Remote Sensing Lab – Collaborative initiative of ACE and Akian College of Science and Engineering

About the Lab

The AUA GIS and Remote Sensing Lab, established in 2017, is a joint initiative of the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment and the AUA Zaven and Sonia Akian College of Science and Engineering.

The Lab adds capacity in mapping and analysis of spatial data to AUA’s academic offerings and research agendas. For this purpose, the Lab intensively participates in work of the Acopian Center for the Environment and the Center for Responsible Mining. It also seeks to expand its collaboration in the fields of public health, data analytics, business, and more.

Outside of AUA, the Lab provides basic and advanced training in GIS and remote sensing to professionals from Armenian counterparts.

Current topics pursued at the GIS and Remote Sensing Lab include:

  • Forest and land-cover mapping using high-resolution data from satellites and UAVs (drones)
  • Monitoring of mining sites and tailings
  • Mapping of ecotourism in Armenia
  • Hydrological applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, e.g. monitoring of flood events and wetlands
  • Mapping of urban environmental parameters
  • Use of interactive maps for curricular and extra-curricular school education

Spatial data are becoming an increasingly important basis of information for planning and decision making. Examples of the application of geospatial information can be found in sectors like environmental management, spatial planning, conservation, and disaster risk reduction. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are the principal instrument for handling and analyzing such data and are at the core of a multitude of geospatial applications. Earth observation using remote sensing systems (e.g. on board of satellites and UAVs), on the other hand, serves as an increasingly important source of spatially explicit information, especially in remote and other areas that are hard to access.

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