Public Talk on Public Participation GIS and Ecosystem Services


  • May 10, 2018 – Public Participation GIS and Ecosystem Services, Public talk by Prof. Claudia Bieling, University of Hohenheim, at the American University of Armenia

An introduction to a new cooperation project between the AUA and University of Hohenheim (Germany) The ecosystem services concept has become a key tool in strategies for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, effective in terms of raising public awareness on the environment and its values as well as informing, planning and decision-making. Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) approaches to ecosystem services are a particularly vibrant field at the international level as they allow integrating information on perceived ecosystem services with biophysical data (e.g. on biodiversity, erosion processes) and expert-based management plans. The new project GAtES, a four year cooperation between AUA and University of Hohenheim (Germany), is taking up these new ideas. It aims at supporting the Armenian academic community in acquiring knowledge on the ecosystem concept and PPGIS-based methods and how they can be used in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

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Click here to watch the video recording of the talk.



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