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About Our Planet

This project is an environmental course based on content-based instruction and content and language integrated learning approaches. The designed course aims at raising awareness of environmental issues among middle-school children and encourage their active participation in environmental citizenship activities in order to develop their responsibility to protect and strengthen the environment. Along with raising awareness of core environmental issues, the course aims at improving learners’  English language skills. The course was piloted in Hatsik Secondary School after Avetis Baghdasaryan and Karakert Secondary School N1 and N2. Forty-two middle-school children participated in the course.

Our Planet: Textbook

Our Planet: Elementary Level English

Our Planet: Lesson Videos

Biomes (Unit 1.1, describing the planet Earth (writing))
Environmental Pollution (Unit 1.4, naming environmental problems (writing))
Footprint (Unit 2.3, small ecological footprint (listening))
Pollution (Unit 3.2, bad effects of air pollution (listening))

Our Planet: Teacher’s Resources

Our Planet is accompanied with the following additional resources:

Teacher’s Manual (TM)
Teacher’s Slides (TS)

Our Planet: A Research Report

A Research Report: Learning about Environmental Issues through English: A Course for Middle-School Children of Elementary English Proficiency

Our Planet: Textbook Presentation