Birds of Armenia Project

The AUA Acopian Center for the Environment has produced a series of 6 videos as a companion to the Field Guide to Birds of Armenia published by AUA Acopian Center for the Environment and Birds of Armenia.

The videos offer general information about birds worldwide and particularly in Armenia. Beginners will learn how to use the Field Guidebook to identify birds. They will also learn about main issues related to bird habitats, migration, and threats.

The videos is in Armenian with English subtitles. Each video is followed by a bilingual quiz.




Video 1. Introduction to the world of birds

This video will provide basic information about birds, their main characteristics. It will tell what is needed to start watching birds and will describe the structure of “A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia.” What is a bird? Number of species globally and in Armenia? Differences between non-migratory and migratory birds?


Video 2. What is needed for birdwatching

How to watch birds? What is needed for birdwatching? What is the structure of the Field Guide?


Video 3. Identifying birds: Morphology & Behavior

This video explains identifying birds using size, shape, plumage, behavior, and vocals/sounds. Ample examples are provided.


Video 4. Bird Habitats

This video explains what is habitat for birds and why it is important in bird identification. The main habitat types in Armenia are presented.


Video 5. Migration of Birds

This video gives an overview of bird migration, its causes and types. The importance of range maps, based on migration patters, are explained.


Video 6. Bird Species in Need of Protection

This video discusses bird species in need of protection. It presents the four groups that the birds are categorized into based on their abundance, population status, distribution, existing threats and other criteria. The video also discusses IUCN’s Red Lists of endangered species and efforts to protect them.