Land-Use and Land-Cover Mapping of Getik River Basin, Armenia

The mapping of Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) changes has a crucial role in a better understanding of the processes on Earth, such as land productivity, carbon emissions and storage, biodiversity, and the biogeochemical and hydrological cycles. The modeling, monitoring, and assessment of land cover characteristics and resources are also important for detecting the changes in the ecosystem and their consequences. LULC maps or models help to observe human-environment dynamics that produce changes in the environment.

The LULC mapping project was conducted using remotely sensed imagery in the Getik Valley including both optical and Radar data. Freely available Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data from the Copernicus program were used, which are jointly operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission. The data are available from the Copernicus Open Access Hub.

Please find the final report here.