Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders – «MARUEEB»



  • Project title: Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian & Armenian Universities and Stakeholders – «MARUEEB»
  • Project acronym: MARUEEB Erasmus+ project
  • Submission No.: 561890-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
  • Duration: 2015-2018
  • Coordinator: University of Genoa (Italy)
  • Project Website:


  • To establish and develop a new Master on «INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES in ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS» for 3 Russian Universities and 2 Armenian Universities with affiliation to other 2 Russian Universities, according to student-centred or output-based approach.
  • To strengthen links with stakeholders by means of their involvement both in training and in getting requirements and documentation for professional recognition of the new qualification of Green Master.
  • Bringing the curricular reform in line with the latest Bologna Process elements (transparency, comparability and national & international recognition of the study-programs).
  • To focus the teaching processes on new methods such as interdisciplinary and interactions forms of lectures and seminars.
  • To provide collaborative teaching, mobility and scientific research, attracting associate member of the consortium.


Partner Countries Universities

  • Ural Federal University
  • Petersburg State Polytechnic University
  • Tambov State Technical University
  • Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • South Ural State University
  • National Polytechnic University of Armenia
  • American University of Armenia

Member States Universities:

  • University of Genoa (Italy)
  • Technical University of Iasi (Romania)
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
  • Second University of Naples (Italy)

Non-university consortium members:

  • Engineering Academy of Armenia NGO, Yerevan
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia
  • TICASS Consortium, Genoa
  • European Civil Engineering Education and Training Association, Brussels
  • AE Consulting, Yerevan
  • Atomstroykomplex LLC, Ekaterinburg
  • Center of Construction Expertise R&D, St. Petersburg
  • Uralproektdubrava, Ekaterinburg

For more details on the project partners, please visit the project website.


Per agreement with EU coordinating partner, AUA has reformed the Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM) program instead of creating a new study program. Through MARUEEB, IESM developed and established a specialization called Sustainable Operations and Resource Management (SORM), which students can complete as part of their graduate studies. In addition, SORM will be available as a professional certificate program open to qualified alumni and professionals.


Sustainable Operations and Resource Management (SORM): Masters-Degree Specialization and Professional Certificate at the American University of Armenia

Starting from Fall 2017, Sustainable Operations and Resource Management (SORM) offers a Master’s degree specialization and professional certificate within the Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM) Program that will equip students with theoretical and practical tools to develop and manage smart, sustainable, and resource efficient systems and operations.

Qualified AUA graduate students will achieve the SORM specialization after obtaining 30 ECTS credits (15 American Semester credits) as part of fulfilling their degree requirements. Also qualified outside professionals and alumni can obtain a SORM professional certification. Offered courses will include: “Sustainable, Smart and Resource Efficient Systems I & II”, “Alternative Energy: Technology, Environment, and Economics,” “Data Mining & Predictive Analytics,” “Simulation of Systems and Operations,” “Innovation,” among others. Many of the courses will emphasize energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings and operations.

After earning their specialization, the graduating student shall show competence in using diagnostic and analytic tools to enhance sustainability and resource efficiency of systems and operations; show competence in fostering and managing innovation and change; and analyze, visualize and effectively communicate data.

For more information on the offered courses and graduation requirements, please visit AUA’s IESM website.

For more information on the admission requirements, please click here.

Project activities

  • Workshops on the European dimension
    • Bologna Process and project-based learning (Yerevan)
    • Program Handbook preparation (Kaunas and Iasi)
  • Training of AUA Junior Staff (Genoa, Bratislava, and Kaunas)
  • Inter-University Faculty Mobility
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Stakeholder survey
  • Coordination meetings
  • Marketing program: announcements, brochures, websites

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For more information on the project at AUA you may contact Norayr Benohanian.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +374 60 61-26-92