Advancing Responsible Consumption and Production in Armenia

Project time period
May 2021 – May 2022

Project Description
The AUA Acopian Center for the Environment has launched “Mobilizing the Private-Sector to Advance Responsible Consumption and Production in Armenia, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). This project is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly SDG12.

The Project overall goal is to reduce multidimensional poverty in the country through improving waste management market systems, while aiming at reduced amounts of landfilled waste, greater value recovered from waste, and reduced negative impacts from hazardous waste.

The 10-month Inception Phase will aim at closely examining Armenia’s market systems for waste management and design interventions for the Project Implementation Phase. The Inception Phase will mainly focus on i) municipal, ii) agricultural, iii) automotive, iv) construction and demolition, v) WEEE and batteries, and vi) industrial (non-mining) waste streams.

Project Stakeholders
The key stakeholder groups of the Project are businesses, civil society, and public bodies. The Project’s specific focus will be on those citizens who experience multidimensional poverty related deprivations the most (pro-poor approach).