Improving Waste Policy Implementation in Armenia


The 4-year Sida-funded Program aims to improve Armenia’s waste management sector capacity to implement more environmentally sound waste management practices through three main components:

1. Supporting Armenian Government in developing and adopting EPR legislation for several specific waste streams in line with EU Waste legislation and best practices.

2. Supporting Armenian government in developing source separation national model and introducing it as a system in a pilot municipality.

3. Building sector capacities to implement Component 1 and Component 2, as well as to scale up the achieved results


Primary Beneficiaries

– RA Ministry of Environment (MoE)

– RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure (MTAI), and

– Pilot Municipality


Other key beneficiaries

– RA Ministry of Economy

– Private sector in the target municipality (businesses and 30,000 households)

– Businesses (producers, waste operators, potentially PRO)

– Recyclers

– CSOs working in waste sector

– Landfill and Waste Handling Operator in the target municipality