Sustainable Energy Academy 2018

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About the Academy

Sustainable Energy Academy 2018 is jointly organized by the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment and the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. This year, the activities of the Academy will focus on the Getik Valley in Armenia, stretching from Gosh to the village of Vahan. Several other communities along Lake Sevan (such as Drakhtik, Tsapatagh, and more) will also be invited to join. Sustainable Energy Academy 2018’s local coordinator in the Getik Valley is the “Chambarak Development Foundation”.

This year’s theme is “Youth & Civil Society Action towards Sustainable Energy in Rural Communities”. The aim of Academy 2018 is to empower community youth and citizens to seek sustainable energy solutions to improve their lives while protecting the environment. Therefore, this year’s Academy consists of the following activities:

a. Mentor Workshop: This was a two-day workshop that was held at AUA on August 24 & 25, 2018. This workshop trained previous-year Academy alumni to take on a mentorship role for youth and civil-society members in seeking sustainable energy solutions in their communities. The mentors, along with the AUA Acopian Center experts, will then visit the Getik Valley to conduct the Youth and Civil Society Workshop (see below). For more details, click here.

b. Youth and Civil Society Workshop: This a two-day workshop which was held in Chambarak from September 15 & 16, 2018. The workshop was for the community youth, civil society and residents of the Getik Valley region & its surrounding communities. The workshop included ideation sessions, where the workshop participants brainstormed and discussed ideas for sustainable energy solutions which could be implemented within their communities. For more details, click here.

c. Youth and Civil Society Action-Project Proposal Development: following the Youth and Civil Society Workshop which took place in the Getik Valley, the workshop participants are invited to develop project proposals in the field of sustainable energy which would be implemented in their communities. The project proposals must be ready by October 14 to be evaluated by the Grant Committee. The project proposals will be assessed through several criteria. For more details, click here.

d. Youth and Civil Society Action – Project Implementation: The project proposals developed by each group will be evaluated by a Grant Committee and the top proposals will be awarded a grant to implement the projects. The grant-winning groups will be announced by October 21. The groups would then have four weeks, to implement and complete their projects, this would be by November 18. These projects would then be presented at the Sustainable Energy Academy 2018 Wrap-Up Festival in Chambarak.

e. Sustainable Energy Academy 2018 Wrap-Up Festival: The Wrap-Up Festival will be the culminating event for Sustainable Energy Academy 2018. The festival will be held in Chambarak on November 24. The groups will present their implemented and completed projects through either posters or videos.