Energy Communities: Citizen-driven Energy Action Contributing to Clean Energy Transition

About the Event:

During the Event, the following topics were discussed:

1. Introduction of E-Control, the Regulation & Price Controls department, and the Experts,

2. Energy Communities.

Citizen-driven energy actions that contribute to the clean energy transition, advancing energy efficiency within local communities.

Energy communities organize collective and citizen-driven energy actions that help pave the way for a clean energy transition while moving citizens to the fore. They contribute to increasing public acceptance of renewable energy projects and make it easier to attract private investments in the clean energy transition. At the same time, they have the potential to provide direct benefits to citizens by increasing energy efficiency, lowering their electricity bills, and creating local job opportunities (source).

EU4Energy experts from the Regulation & Price Controls department at the Austrian energy regulatory authority, E-Control. The department’s main tasks are:

– Implementation and processing of procedures for determining costs and charges for network operators in the electricity and gas sectors;

– Implementation regulations that increase the efficiency of network operators;

– Development of incentive systems to ensure the investment activity of network operators;

– Further development of fee models and structures;

– Unbundling supervision;

– Cooperation with CEER, ACER, and representation in other international bodies;

– Economic, financial, and energy economic analyses of the Austrian energy market.


About the Speakers:

Karin Emberger, M.Sc., is the Deputy Director of Regulation & Price Controls at the Austrian energy regulatory authority, E-Control. Karin Emberger leads and coordinates audit managers, the cost audits, and company visits of electricity and gas transmission system operators and distribution system operators. She participates in IT implementation projects to optimize processes of tariff procedures. An important task within her portfolio is the evaluation and re-design of the tariff structure, and further development of a grid-friendly tariff structure with incentives for load shifting. Before joining E-Control, Emberger worked with an energy supplier in Styria, Austria. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Energy Systems.

Silviya Deyanova, CMA, M.Sc., M.Sc. has been working for E-Control since 2017 as a regulation and audit expert. Her tasks include cost-audits of more than ten gas and electricity distribution system operators (DSOs), the estimation of future costs and revenues of DSOs, analysis of KPIs and comparing DSO performance, and the development of new tariff structures. Prior to this position, she held the position of audit assistant at Ernst & Young. She earned master’s degrees in international business from the University of Vienna and finance and accounting from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Deyanova is a certified management accountant.