Energy Transition and Opportunities for Emerging Economies

About the Event:

The energy sector is going through a rapid transition. National security concerns and the climate crisis lead nations and organizations to embrace renewable energy. Decarbonization of the grid has become a race — not merely because of climate needs but as a means of providing affordable electricity. With the advances in storage technology and green hydrogen, multiple solutions are already available at a commercially deployable level. The grid strength requirements are addressed through low-tech syncons and high-tech advanced grid-forming inverters coupled with battery storage. From virtual power plants, demand response, and flexible power plants, technology breaks down the roles of the traditional producer-transmitter-consumer hierarchy, creating new business models and coupling consumer resources to mimic traditional grid services and even transmission lines. Off-grid technology is now also an emergent trend. Dr. Ralapan’s presentation will present some innovations in the sector and opportunities for emerging economies.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Vidhura Ralapanawe is a sustainability professional with a background in climate science, resource efficiency, and renewable energy. He holds degrees in engineering, sustainability and a doctorate in Organisational Change. His work in apparel sustainability spans over 16 years, working for global apparel manufacturers. His experience covers green facility design, decarbonization, and material innovation. Dr. Ralapanawe is also an energy analyst working on the energy transition in Sri Lanka.