GIS & Remote Sensing for Environmental Protection: Greenpeace’s Solutions

The talk will focus on employing GIS and Remote Sensing (GIS& RS) for environmental analysis and protection. The Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub team uses GIS& RS for intact forest landscapes mapping, fire analysis, and global climate change visualization as well as to engage people in nature protection activities via leader’s support and crowd mapping. Dr. Komarova will discuss how the web maps and static maps help to present the environmental threats, how people can reach the satellite imagery data and where it can be used, how big data helps to leave the manual mapping, and why we still do not succeed in the mapping of everything in our world. The presented solutions can be interesting for environmental scientists as well as activists.

Dr. Komarova will also show how Greenpeace combines technologies, science collaborations, and community building to develop and sustain the environmentalists in Russia and global Greenpeace over the world.

About the Speaker:
Anna Komarova, Ph.D. in plant ecology and geography (2017) is the Capacity Development coordinator of Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub and the head of the Society for Conservation GIS in Russia. She uses GIS and RS technologies for environmental protection since 2005 and has a number of papers related to plant communities’ mapping (also covering the Caucasus region due to her own doctoral research and the landcover change investigation in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison), global intact forest landscapes dynamic, fire mapping, etc.