Managing Risk and Sustainability in Complex Social and Environmental Systems


31 October 2019


About the Seminar
Dr. Jacob Taarup-Esbensen presents an account of his research, focusing on how risk management has struggled with handling uncertainty in complex systems. The assessment of risk and uncertainty is not only based on rational objective criteria and data but also on cognition, social structure, and how people make sense of the event they face. Mining is a high risk, large impact, complex business where community risk represents an example of how companies in a complex industry face risks related to legitimacy of information rather than objective risk. Despite facing significant downstream risks communities accept and in some cases even defend mining companies, which begs the question why are communities willing to accept higher risk despite having information to the contrary. The seminar is an effort to provide a possible answer as to why this might be.
About the Speaker
Dr. Jacob Taarup-Esbensen is a lecturer in International Business, Risk and Business continuity at University College Copenhagen. He has ten years of leadership experience managing large aviation networks and ground operations, including developing and applying Environmental, Social and Governance systems.
For the past years, he has been focusing on the Arctic and among other projects, been working on the business development and risk management within the emerging extractive industry in Greenland other Arctic nations. He has investigated the relationship between multinationals and local communities, business continuity challenges as well as researching the practices that these companies engage in when managing financial, political and cultural risks. Besides presenting papers at international business conferences, public lectures and appearances in the media, he has published in risk and international business journals.


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Dr. Jacob Taarup-Esbensen, University College Copenhagen





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