Participation as a Means for Fostering Sustainability in Urban and Rural Land Management: Ideas for Including the Topic in Teaching, Research, and Outreach



May – July 2021


The objective of the workshop is to introduce and discuss public participation tools and how they can be integrated into relevant academic teaching, research, and outreach activities in the field of environmental sciences.
Participants will have the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the concept of public participation, its relevance and application in coursework and research, and the opportunity to test and evaluate public participation tools under the guidance of Professor Claudia Bieling and Dr. Maria Garcia-Martin. Importantly, training will enable participants from Armenian academic institutions to exchange knowledge and experience on the topic of the workshop.
Participants will
– Become acquainted with key concepts for understanding linkages between nature/landscapes and human well-being
– Understand the role of participation in sustainable land management and approaches to integrate participatory elements in research, management, and planning
– Identify and test possibilities for integrating participatory approaches in teaching, research, and outreach
The agenda is available here:…/faculty…/gates2021-workshop/


Speaker Info:

Dr. Claudia Bieling, Dr. María García-Martín





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