Public Sector

# Title Activities
1 Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development
2 Ministry of Nature Protection Hazardous Substances and Waste Policy DivisionWaste and Atmosphere Emissions Management Agency
3 Ministry of Health Health Inspection Body
4 Ministry of Agriculture Department of Land Use and Melioration 
Food Security Division
Agrochemical Service SNCO
5 Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Water Committee
6 Ministry of Emergency Situations Rescue Service Radiation, Chemical and Biological Monitoring Unit (ARM)
Service of the Hydrometeorology and Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena SNCO
7 Ministry of Education and Science Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science
8 Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body
9 Environmental Monitoring and Information Center SNCO (ARM)
Department for Waste Registration, Classification and Technology Examination
10 Center of Expertise for Environmental Impact Assessment SNCO (ARM)
11 Center for Ecological-Nooshpere Studies National Academy of Sciences
12 Yerevan Municipality Communal Services


Private Sector (Waste Recovery and Treatment Facilities)

# Title Type of waste 
1 “Saranist” LLC Glass
2 “Osipyan” LLC Glass (white)
3 “Ekologia V.K.H.” LLC Hazardous  (incinerating medical and recover metals)
4 “Ecoprotect” LLC Hazardous  (medical waste to incineration)
5 “Arm Plast” LLC HDPE, PE, LDPE, PP
6 “Armenian Molybdenum Production” LLC Metals
7 “Armavir Machining Factory” OJSC Metals
8 “Dzulakentron” OJSC Metals
9 “KAP” LLC Metals
10 “M.N.G. Trading” LLC Metals
11 “Nikol Duman Smelter” LLC Metals
12 “Edmet” LLC Metals, Hazardous (batteries)
13 “Metexim” LLC Metals, Hazardous (batteries)
14 “Rusal” CJSC Metals, Hazardous (batteries)
15 “Shimizu” Corporation Methane recovery from landfill
16 “ORWACO” CJSC Organic (caw manure and straws to vermicompost)
17 “Areguni biogas” Organic (caw manure to biogas)
18 “Geghamasar biogas” Organic (caw manure to biogas)
19 “Pambak biogas” Organic (caw manure to biogas)
20 “Mirhav” LLC Organic (manure, straws, cardboard to fuel)
21 “Healthy Mushroom” LLC Organic (poultry manure to biogas)
22 “Lusakert biogas” Organic (poultry manure to biogas)
23 “Euroterm” CJSC (Noyan) Organic (vegetable and fruit waste to compost)
24 “JB Technologies” LLC Organic (waste cooking oil to fuel)
25 “H-Groups” LLC Paper
26 “Ishkhan&Andranik” LLC Paper
27 “Maxis” LLC Paper
28 “Stalactite” LLC Paper
29 “Vahag” S/P Paper
30 “Vazgen Abgaryan” LLC Paper
31 “Vladimir Avagyan” S/P Paper
32 “Karton-Tara” LLC Paper, Cardboard
33 “Softex” LLC Paper, Cardboard
34 “Clean Land” LLC PET, Cardboard
35 “Plast Shin” CJSC Plastics (to create building components)
36 “Eco Plast” LLC Polyethylene, PP
37 “Oval Plast” LLC Polymers
38 “Plastic” OJSC Polymers
39 “Poly-Serv” LLC Polymers
40 “AM-ESKA” LLC Rubber, Tires, Oils
41 “Graphene-Shin” LLC Ruber scrap


Civil Society

# Title Activities 
1 Armenian Environmental Front Civil Initiative
The purpose of AEF is the protection of the environment, as well as ensuring social justice through harmonious development with nature. For realizing these goals, AEF oversees the work of governmental bodies that are responsible for the protection and recovery of nature.
2 Armenian Environmental Network
The organization aims to facilitate tangible contributions to Armenia’s sustainable development by increasing awareness of and supporting solutions to environmental issues in Armenia.
3 Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO
The organization conducts research, laboratory studies and monitoring in the sphere of pesticides, particularly POPs in order to find their impact on human health.
4 “Armenia Tree Project” Foundation
The organization based in Woburn and Yerevan conducts vitally important environmental projects in Armenia’s cities and villages and seeks support in advancing its reforestation mission.
5 Eco aghb Civil Initiative
The organization systematizes the sorting of waste and send to recyclers.
6 Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets
The organization initiates events to raise awareness in the spheres of environment and waste as well as organizes recycling projects. Due to these projects, the petals of the flowers laid at the Genocide Memorial are used to derive compost and the stems – to make handmade recycled paper.
7 Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities” NGO
The organization organizes solid waste separation in different state agencies and educational institutions to send the waste for recycling.
8 Maqur Goris NGO The organization recycles plastic.
9 Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
The Foundation’s mission is to promote the sustainable and harmonic development of Armenian communities through fostering local democracy, improving quality of life and developing regional collaboration. The organization built a facility in Kapan producing construction materials from recycled plastic waste.



# Title Activities 
1 Ecolur – Environmental News Website “EcoLur” is an informational resource and provides information to the public through web site throw EcoLur Network, and through and Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube social networks.
2 Fact Investigation Platform ( is an independent fact-checking media founded by “Union of Informed Citizens” consulting NGO. The main goal of is to disclose the information published by officials, official bodies, and the media.
3 EcoNews (ARM) “” highlights the global and local environmental problems and challenges.
4 Hetq Online Published by the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO, Hetq Online covers a wide range of issues in Armenia and the region.


Cross-sectoral Initiatives

# Title Activities  Year
1 Government and International Development Association of World Bank “Transaction Advisory Support for PPP for Solid Waste Management for Yerevan City” Grant Providing Project 2009
2 Ministry of Urban Development and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Environmental and Social Research Grant for Kotayk Solid Waste Management Project (2011). Activities were confirmed between the Ministry and EBRD in 2014. 2011
3 OSCE Office in Yerevan and RA Ministry of Emergency Situations Research on the pollution rate of obsolete pesticide stockpiles and persistent organic pollutants and their effect on the environment in Nubarashen toxic burial site 2011
4 RA Government, Asian Development Bank and Yerevan Municipality Creation of Urban Development Investment Program Implementation Office, which realizes the Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program with funds provided by Asian Development Bank. One of the programs is Yerevan Solid Waste Management Plan 2013
5 UNDP and Ministry of Nature Protection Program for the elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles and solutions for areas contaminated with POPs 2015
6 Yerevan Municipality, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, European Neighbourhood Investment Tool, Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) Solid Waste Management Program in Yerevan 2015
7 Ministry of Nature Protection, UNECE, Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (REC Caucasus) Joint initiative on the Strategic Environmental Assessment for Solid Waste Management Sector in Armenia within the Framework of the Greening Economies in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership Countries Project(EaP GREEN) 2016
8 Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, German Development Bank (KFW) Vanadzor Solid Waste Management Project 2017
9 UNIDO, Ministry of Nature Protection, Global Environment Facility Project of building municipal waste sorting facility near the landfill in Ararat Marz 2018


Educational Sector

# Title
1 American University of Armenia Acopian Center for the Environment
2 Armenian National Agrarian University
4 Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex
6 Yerevan State Medical University
8 Yerevan State University – The Faculty of Geography and Geology