Project documents

Specifications of the project deliverables/documents:

1. Republic of Armenia legislative and institutional review 

– Review of existing laws, legislative acts and concepts regulating the wild plant harvest sector (e., collection, processing, and sales) and development of recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the existing system of nature utilization payments for wild plants used for industrial purposes.
– Review of institutional issues: mapping the powers of the various management bodies and evaluating the role of local self-government bodies and their effectiveness.
– Development of recommendations taking into account the international commitments of the Republic of Armenia, including actions included in the roadmap for the implementation of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species.

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2. Review of past experience and research on wild harvest regulation and management in Armenia to highlight:

– legislative and institutional gaps in regulating and managing the wild harvest of plants
– gender-related issues or gaps in the collection, processing, and sales in all segments of the value chain
– knowledge of collectors on sustainable practices and legal requirements
– resource availability for members of rural communities to start a new business or expand existing ones related to wild harvest sector, thereby retaining more value in the community

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3. An action agenda on improving regulation and management of wild plant harvest in Armenia (particularly with greater community participation)

Based on legislative and institutional as well as existing literature/ research reviews, and stakeholder input to:
– develop government capacity (g., monitoring, collecting fees, licensing, establishing a comprehensive database, strengthening regional governing bodies, outreach education etc.)
– improve legislation
– encourage greater community engagement
– encourage private-sector cooperation
– improve the regulation and management of wild plant collection in Armenia

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