Masters Thesis Projects

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Master’s Thesis

Master’s thesis with pilot applications of ES/ PPGIS-ES for biodiversity conservation in Armenia will be accomplished within the framework of the GAtES project. The thesis will be jointly supervised between UHOH and AUA.

This will ideally take the form of tandem constellations between an Armenian and a German student targeting the real-world applications taken up on the training workshops (e.g. on using PPGIS-ES to raise public awareness for the effects of land-use change). This will include testing, adapting, and refining approaches in order to tailor them to the Armenian context and further advance Ecosystems (ES)-related knowledge. Additionally, UHOH students will participate in summer projects hosted at AUA throughout the four years of the GAtES project.

In order to foster the qualification of AUA students and their integration in the international scientific community, Master’s thesis candidates and Armenian students will visit UHOH to interact with their peers and to attend courses e.g. on landscape change and ecosystem services.