About Environmental Education Network (EEN)

The aim of establishing the Environmental Education Network (EEN) is to contribute to the efforts of RA Government in promoting and ensuring environmental education at all school levels and at communities. The EEN is a unity of more than fifteen civil society, governmental, educational and international organizations, whose main goal is to contribute to the efforts of Armenia in promoting and ensuring environmental education at all school levels and communities. By having the Memorandum of Understanding signed by all of the EEN members, Armenia undertakes an action of improving the environmental education, with the help of additional knowledge and exchange of experience.

The activities of EEN are fully in line with the Government of Armenia’s 2011-2015 National Plan on Establishment of a Universal and Integrated National System for Environmental Education, Upbringing and Awareness and with the Agreement on Cooperation among the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Country Office in Armenia on the Integration of Environmental Education into Secondary School System of the Republic of Armenia as well as with the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) strategy.

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the establishment of EEN promises a potential for further improvement, which firstly implies growth of the number of the contributing parties.

The creation of EEN has been supported by the Norwegian Embassy Small Grants Program 2014, European Union supported civic society capacity building program of the UNDP GEF Small Grants Program, UNICEF, GIZ, WWF and OSCE.

Visit the project website: http://eenarmenia.org.


Founding members of EEN:


Seminar series on Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

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