Governance Innovation in Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure to Improve the Food-Water-Energy Nexus

About the Event:

The presentation discussed the results of the Belmont Forum project “IFWEN —Understanding Innovative Initiatives for Governing the Food, Water, and Energy Nexus in Cities.” Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) in cities can improve the trade-offs between food, water, and energy (FWE), the central idea that lies behind the FWE Nexus (FWEN). IFWEN is a transdisciplinary research project that studied cities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to develop a framework to assess innovation in FWEN using GBI at the urban level.

About the Speaker:

Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira is a faculty member at the Brazilian think-tank FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas) and the leader of the IFWEN Consortium. He has extensive experience in teaching and research in urban planning, management, and global environmental change. His research and policy interests are in the political economy of institution building and policy implementation at different levels, looking at how global environmental change and local institutions are interlinked to steer urban governance and action. His experience comprises work in over 20 countries across all continents. He has been an instructor, consultant, and researcher for several organizations, such as different United Nations agencies, the OECD, the World Bank, sub-national and national governments, various NGOs and small and large firms. He is among the most influential researchers worldwide.

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The presentation is available here.