The Riverwatch Program: Public Monitoring of Water Bodies in the Baltic Sea Region

About the Event:

Anna Ushakova presented the citizen science project Riverwatch, which she coordinates. She discussed common aquatic ecological problems in the Baltic and Armenian regions, such as eutrophication, heavy metal pollution, and climate change impacts. She also explained how citizens can contribute to the monitoring, understanding, and conservation of water ecosystems. Ushakova elaborated on how such a campaign is organized, how citizens are engaged, and how the data is disseminated. She also discussed how this project fits in with the rest of the water-related projects in the Baltic Sea.

About the Speaker:

Anna Ushakova is an ecologist and holder of a master’s degree in international cooperation in environmental policy and sustainable development. She is a teacher, the coordinator of the Riverwatch program (St. Petersburg, Russia), and the marine working area leader of the Clean Baltic Coalition.

The presentation is available here.